Safeguarding the Personal Information of all People: A Status Report of the Development and Implementation of Procedures Under Presidential Policy Dirctive 28   [open pdf - 6MB]

"On January 17, 2014, the President issued Presidential Policy Directive (PPD)-28, 'Signals Intelligence Activities,' which 'articulates principles to guide why, whether, when, and how the United States conducts SIGINT [signals intelligence] activities for authorized foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.' This directive reinforces current practices, establishes new principles that govern how the United States conducts SIGINT collection, and strengthens Executive Branch oversight of SIGINT activities. Moreover, the principles ensure that in conducting SIGINT activities, the United STates takes into account not only the nation's security requirements, but also the security and privacy concerns of U.S. allies and partners, the increased globalization of trade and investment, and the commitment to protect privacy rights and civil liberties. Section 4 of PPD-28 calls on each Intelligence Community element to update or issue new policies and procedures that implement the principles for safeguarding all personal information collected through SIGINT, consistent with technical capabilities and operational needs."

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