Videotaped Remarks on the Observance of Nowruz, March 20, 2014   [open pdf - 127KB]

From the remarks of President Obama: "Last year, you, the Iranian people, made your voice heard when you elected Dr. Hassan Rouhani as your new President. During his campaign, he pledged to strengthen Iran's economy, improve the lives of the Iranian people, and engage constructively with the international community, and he was elected with your strong support. Last fall, I spoke with President Rouhani. It was the first conversation between an American President and an Iranian leader since 1979. I conveyed to President Rouhani my deep respect for the Iranian people, just as he expressed his respect for the American people. And I told him that I firmly believe that we can address the serious disagreements between our governments, reduce distrust, and begin to move beyond our difficult history. Since then, we've made progress. For years, the international community has had concerns that Iran's nuclear program could lead to Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon, which would be a threat to the region and to the world. Under the initial agreement we reached in November, the Iranian Government has agreed to limit key parts of its nuclear program. Along with our international partners, the United States is giving Iran some relief from sanctions. Now we're engaged in intensive negotiations in the hopes of finding a comprehensive solution that resolves the world's concerns with the Iranian nuclear program."

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