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From the "What We Do" page: "The Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) was founded in 2013 on the principle that accurate analysis is a critical first step toward preventing violent conflict. Our mission is to explain the dynamics of conflict--why it started, how it changed, what drives it, who benefits--and get that information quickly to people who can use it to bring about positive change. In areas wracked by violence, accurate analysis of conflict is essential not only to peaceful settlement but also to formulating effective policies on everything from good governance to poverty alleviation. We look at six kinds of conflict: communal, land and resource, electoral, vigilante, extremist and insurgent, understanding that one dispute can take several forms or progress from one form to another. We send experienced analysts with long-established contacts in the area to the site to meet with all parties, review primary written documentation where available, check secondary sources and produce in-depth reports, with policy recommendations or examples of best practices where appropriate. Our initial focus is Indonesia, with planned expansion to Myanmar and Bangladesh, in the expectation that insights from understanding conflict in the first will be applicable to the others. There may be elements from Indonesia's resolution of communal conflicts in Maluku and Poso, for example, which have relevance for efforts to curb Buddhist violence against Muslims in Myanmar. In others cases, a single issue such as extremism may produce a network that connects the three countries."

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict
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