Naval Logistics Integration Through Interoperable Supply Systems   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This research investigates how the Navy and the Marine Corps could increase Naval Logistics Integration (NLI) through interoperable supply systems. The Navy and Marine Corps emphasize the integration of policy, doctrine, business processes, technologies, and systems as an enabler to strategic concepts such as Seabasing. Scholarly research indicates that systems such as the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) and Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will enable the Navy and Marine Corps to achieve interoperability with each other and the Joint force. While there is an abundance of literature pertaining to the theory of interoperability, nothing has been written that demonstrates interoperability between the Navy and Marine Corps supply systems. Using a problem solving approach, interoperability tests involving GCSS-MC, Navy ERP, Web- Standard Automated Logistics Tool Set (SALTS), and Navy One Touch Support (OTS) were conducted to confirm whether or not the Defense Automated Addressing System (DAAS) could be used to facilitate interoperability between these systems. Results of interoperability tests between GCSS-MC, Navy ERP, Web-SALTS, and Navy OTS suggest that DAAS can facilitate interoperability between supply systems. This research is significant because it provides actual test results with a baseline estimate of the amount of interoperability that exists between GCSS-MC and Navy ERP. This research also provides recommendations on how improve interoperability between GCSS-MC, Navy ERP, and other Joint supply systems."

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