Commander's Guide to Support Operations Among Weaponized Displaced Persons, Refugees, and Evacuees: Lessons and Best Practices   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Introduction: "In our recent history, the U.S. military has conducted operations across the full spectrum of conflict. The most common characteristic has been the complex and ambiguous nature of the environment in which these operations have been conducted. Certain trends are global and enduring in such an environment, such as the use of improvised explosive devices and the inclusion of large groups of displaced persons. Some of those displaced persons will be victims of forced migration due to conflict, while others may be victims of voluntary migration as a result of desperate humanitarian hardships. Experience shows that these population groups are especially vulnerable and are usually in desperate need of basic necessities for survival. While advances in technology and industry have offered unparalleled opportunity, these same developments often highlight the enduring nature of displacement and the illusive nature of achieving long-term, durable solutions to this vexing problem. […] For this edition, we focus our essays on a particularly daunting concern related to mass displaced populations - that of the weaponized displaced person, refugee, and evacuee (DPRE). The threat of a biologically or chemically infected person entering a large displaced persons camp - either purposefully or inadvertently - warrants serious and immediate study and is the topic for this edition. As in the previous volume, the articles are organized into common chapters for clarity and purpose. It is our hope that this handbook will contribute to the body of knowledge in this field and will facilitate our collective understanding of how the military can effectively deal with the multitude of challenges associated with large numbers of displaced persons."

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