Increased Economic Relations Between China and Zambia in the Last Decade: Implications on Zambia's Existing Bilateral Relations with the United States   [open pdf - 569KB]

This thesis was written in partial fulfillment of of the requirements for the Masters of Military Art and Science, Strategic Studies degree from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. From the thesis abstract: "This thesis studied the increased economic relations between China and Zambia in the last decade with the view to determine its implications on the existing bilateral relations between the United States (U.S.) and Zambia. The study identified the nature of both Chinese and U.S. relations with Zambia, their strategic interests, trends in their economic investments, including areas of potential overlap in their interaction with Zambia. The study found out that the increase in Chinese economic relations with Zambia has not significantly impacted Zambia's bilateral relationship with the U.S., and Chinese increased investments are primarily in mining and infrastructure development, while the U.S. has maintained steady investments in almost all sectors of the Zambian economy. The research concluded that an increase in Chinese economic relations with Zambia has not changed U.S. relations with Zambia. However, areas of potential overlap do exist in Chinese activities which can directly or indirectly impact on U.S. interests in Zambia. Further, Zambia's economic relationship with both China and the U.S. is not zero-sum, as both countries make meaningful contributions to Zambia's economic growth. Zambia has to leverage its relations with the two economic powers in order to achieve synergy."

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