Open Government Partnership: Second Open Governement National Action Plan for the United States of America   [open pdf - 410KB]

"'In support of these principles domestically, the Obama Administration in 2011 launched the first U.S. Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) -- a set of 26 commitments that have increased public integrity, enhanced public access to information, improved management of public resources, and given the public a more active voice in the U.S. Government's policymaking process. The Administration continues to make progress in all 26 areas, with 24 of the initial commitments already completed. A notable example of the progress made since the release of the first NAP is the successful launch of 'We the People,' the White House petitions platform that gives Americans a direct line to voice their concerns to the Administration via online petitions. In two years, more than 10 million users have generated over 270,000 petitions on a diverse range of topics , including gun violence , which received a video response from the President, and unlocking cell phones for use across provider networks, which led directly to policy action. […] This document will serve as a roadmap for the next two years as the Administration work s in partnership with the public and civil society organizations to carry forth these Open Government efforts. This report, however, is not representative of all U.S. Government efforts to further openness. The process of opening government is a continuing work-in-progress. Under the President's leadership, the Administration will continue to generate and implement Open Government policies and reforms, as well as continue to seek input from outside groups and citizens about how to create a more Open Government."

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