Chasing Autonomy: How Much is Enough and How Much is Too Much?   [open pdf - 0B]

Taken from the Abstract: "UxS have become almost ubiquitous in U.S. military operations today, but many still wonder how they will be effectively integrated into the existing force, to succeed as a force multiplier rather than just a force enabler. To these observers, the DoD FY 2013-2038 Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap s vision of merging unmanned systems from air, ground, and sea domains into teams of unmanned and manned systems that beyond autonomous mission execution to autonomous mission performance, remains a work in progress. We argue that advanced, effective autonomy is a cornerstone of the Integrated Roadmap s future vision. More than this, budget realities especially spiraling personnel costs make autonomy an absolute necessity if unmanned systems are to be sustainably integrated into the joint force. With this imperative, the Department of Defense is making tangible progress; recent technology developments in computational intelligence and multi-sensor data fusion hold the promise of making the military s vision of autonomy a reality."

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19th International Command & Control Research & Technology Symposium (ICCRTS). Alexandria, VA. June 16-19, 2014.
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