Report to the President of the Untied States on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response   [open pdf - 24MB]

From the Executive Summary: "Sexual assault is a significant challenge facing the United States military and the nation. Academia is wrestling with campus sexual assault, professional sports leagues struggle with intimate partner violence, and societies across the globe contend with horrific accounts of sexual violence that appear in daily headlines. For the first time in history, sexual assault has become a part of the national conversation, and a collective awareness and desire for action has emerged. Given its history of leadership on other social problems, the Department of Defense recognizes its vital role in advancing the campaign to prevent this heinous crime. To this end, the Department's aim is to reduce, with the ultimate goal to eliminate, the crime of sexual assault in the Armed Forces. The Department of Defense-wide strategic approach to sexual assault is prevention-focused with an unwavering commitment to victim care."

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