Coffee Break Training: Adult Learning: Challenges for Instructors of Adult Learners   [open pdf - 90KB]

"Those who teach adults experience different challenges to engage learning from those who teach children. The process of engaging adult learners is known as andragogy. When teaching adults, it's important to understand requirements for adult learners to engage in learning. The process for engaging children in learning is referred to as pedagogy. The bottom line is that adults and children learn differently. Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the study of adult learning, observed that adults learn best when: (1) It is clear why something is important to know or do (why); (2) There is freedom to learn in one's own way (how); (3) Learning is experiential (what); (4) The time is right to learn (when); and, (5) The learning environment is positive and encouraging (where). Understanding adult learning challenges is essential for providing successful adult training programs. Why: Adult learners want their lessons to be interesting, practical and applicable. Instructors must use meaningful and purposeful learning activities, ask stimulating questions, use appropriate and relevant multimedia tools/technology to engage students, and incorporate real-life and application-based examples, as well as interact with students and effectively manage group discussion."

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