CNO's Position Report: 2014   [open pdf - 374KB]

"As stated in 'Navigation Plan: 2015-2019,' this is our Position Report for 2014, which describes our progress toward the vision and plans outlined in the 'CNO [Chief of Naval Operations] Sailing Directions' and 'Navigation Plan: 2015-2019.' Similar to the 'Eight O'Clock Report' at sea, the Position Report 'takes a fix' and identifies our progress along the intended track. It determines 'set and drift,' and the 'course and speed' changes necessary to stay on track. 'CNO Sailing Directions' are sound and remain the foundation for our planning and decision making. 'CNO's Navigation Plan' details our intended track, aligned to the Navy's budget. Last year, 'Navigation Plan: 2014' established our intended track, but 'set and drift'--emergent requirements and direction, and real-world operations, among other factors--may have set us off track in some cases. This Position Report is retrospective. It highlights the past year--it notes both achievements we have made, and areas where we fell short. Through the hard work of our team of Sailors, Civilians, and Families, our Navy will continue to progress as we focus on our three tenets--Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready."

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