Managing Crowds During Special Events: Creating a Safer Delray Beach   [open pdf - 655KB]

From the Abstract: "Recently, the City of Delray Beach has become increasingly involved in special events. With the increase in number and complexity of events, the risk, propensity for injury, or tragedy has increased. The problem is that the City of Delray Beach does not have a Crowd Management Plan. The purpose of this applied research project is to develop a Crowd Management Plan as a component of an Event Management Plan for the City of Delray Beach. To achieve the stated goal of this research project, action research was utilized. The associated research questions were a) what is the purpose of crowd management initiatives? b) Who has responsibility in Delray Beach for managing crowds during special events? c) What methods for crowd management are utilized by public safety agencies? d) When should crowd management policies be utilized? e) How has private sector event coordinator s managed crowds at events? The procedure involved a literature review, a short questionnaire, personal communications with subject matter personnel, and crowd management policy reviews. The process also included the answering of the research quest ions. The results of the applied research project identified key points that will be utilized in creating the crowd management plan. Recommendations included the following steps: seating a special event committee of all stake holders, early and often pre-planning meetings; performing risk-hazard analysis of City venues and event possibilities, special event operational considerations, contingency planning and finally plan development."

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