Remarks Following a Meeting with Prime Minster Mariano Rajoy Brey of Spain and an Exchange with Reporters, January 13, 2014   [open pdf - 36KB]

This is from the remarks of President Barack Obama titled, "Remarks Following a Meeting with Prime Minster Mariano Rajoy Brey of Spain and an Exchange with Reporters." From the remarks of President Barack Obama on January 13, 2014: "Well, let me say it's a great pleasure to welcome my friend, Prime Minister Rajoy, to the Oval Office. We have had occasions to work together on a wide range of international issues, and obviously, the cooperation reflects the incredible alliance and friendship between our countries that has lasted for decades. […] On the security front, we discussed a wide range of challenges. I remarked that I think security cooperation between the United States and Spain has never been stronger. We thank the Prime Minister and his government as well as the opposition in Spain for the support they have for our work together, including hosting some of our military operations and facilities, which allow us, I think, to protect our Embassies and to deal with issues of counterterrorism. […] Finally, we spoke about a wide range of international issues, including our concerns about terrorism, the situation in Syria, how that might impact security in Spain, Europe, and the United States. And we committed to working closely together on those issues, including helping countries like Libya stabilize so that they can do right by their people, but also can be effective partners with us. […] We finalized an interim agreement with Iran--the P-5-plus-1, which includes the United States, entered into an agreement with Iran--that allows us to have the time and space to negotiate the more comprehensive deal that could solve diplomatically what has been the long-running concern around Iran's nuclear programs. […] Secretary Gates did an outstanding job for me as Secretary of Defense. As he notes, he and I and the rest of my national security team came up with a strategy for Afghanistan that was the right strategy and we are continuing to execute. And I think that what's important is that we got the policy right, but that this is hard and it always has been."

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