Keylogger Malware in Hotel Business Centers   [open pdf - 95KB]

"As data breaches continue to result in devastating consequences for individual victims and often high reputational and financial risk for the entities that were breached, it's important to understand the balance of risk and convenience that your organization has chosen. Analysis from companies like Symantec, Trustwave and Verizon all reveal that data breaches have increased at an alarming rate since at least 2011. Unfortunately many of the reports state that malicious actors have targeted the Hospitality subsector over most others in that time frame. The following is an advisory for owners, managers and stakeholders in the hospitality industry, which highlights recent data breaches uncovered by the USSS [United States Secret Service]. The attacks were not sophisticated, requiring little technical skill, and did not involve the exploit of vulnerabilities in browsers, operating systems or other software. The malicious actors were able to utilize a low - cost, high impact strategy to access a physical system, stealing sensitive data from hotels and subsequently their guest's information. The NCCIC [National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center] and the USSS have provided some recommendations at the end of this document that may help prevent similar attacks on publicly available computers."

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