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The following abstract is taken from http://www.european-network-of-deradicalisation.eu/profiles/2-violence-prevention-network: "Violence Prevention Network is an NGO [non-governmental organization] that works both in prevention and first-line deradicalisation with (young) people that are susceptible to violent right-wing extremism or religious fundamentalism. Violence Prevention Network works in youth detentions as well as in prisons for youths and adults, and also conducts stabilisation coaching after the participant's release throughout the country. Violence Prevention Network applies a deradicalisation approach, which combines anti-violence-training with civic education and pedagogical training modules. The training takes place within 5 months during imprisonment and is followed up by coaching after release. […] At present, Violence Prevention Network is developing an approach to specifically involve young right-wing extremist parents of small children in order to deal with their impending disintegration. Furthermore the Violence Prevention Network team offers counseling for parents whose children are at risk -- or attracted by the idea - to join a terror training camp or have already joined terrorist groups. We are also engaged in the European Platform of Deradicalising Narratives (EDNA), an internet portal that effectively enhances knowledge, awareness and critical thinking among people in examination of, or dealing with extremism, in particular by letting peer voices speak." To translate website, please use Google Translate.

Violence Prevention Network
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