Critical Issues in Disaster Science and Management: A Dialogue Between Researchers and Practitioners   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Forward of the book: "The practitioner is hired by the public to serve it. Public institutions of higher learning remunerate faculty from student tuition and tax dollars. Grants are primarily funded by tax dollars. Each of us is therefore ethically called to contribute to the greater good. This is all the more necessary going forward. Why? U.S. and world population growth translates into an ever-increasing pool of potential victims contributing to an ever-greater urgency for enhanced mitigation and disaster management based upon the scientific method. An additional, perhaps even more salient issue is the changing earth's climate that is expected to result in ever-increasing challenges to those charged with mitigation, preparation, planning, and response. The book you are reading is the quintessential model of practitioner-academic interaction. As you read each chapter, you will find a historically uncharacteristic partnership between practitioner and academic. This book is the next logical step in the science and practice of disaster management. This work is truly building not only a literature, but also a practice for the field."

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Critical Issues in Disaster Science and Management, 2014
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