Big, Not So Easy: Comparing Insurgency Theory to the Complex Problem of Violence in New Orleans   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Abstract: "This research proposes that violent gangs are similar to insurgent cells in their organization and their methods of gaining control of an area or population. Recognizing that insurgent organizations and gangs are complex adaptive systems, this monograph uses Jamshid Gharajedagi's context, structure, function, and process analytical model to compare the two phenomena. The monograph will use New Orleans, Louisiana as a case study to illustrate the similarities between gangs and insurgents, and, to examine the efficacy of a counterinsurgency approach to addressing the gang problem. The hypothesis for this monograph is that some aspects of counterinsurgency theory and doctrine are applicable to combating violent gangs in New Orleans. To develop the argument in support of the hypothesis, the research will seek to answer the following research questions: Do violent gangs in New Orleans, resemble insurgent cells, if so, in what ways? What aspects of counterinsurgency theory or doctrine apply to countering violent gangs? What changes in doctrine, organization or technology will help New Orleans' law enforcement and its government in countering gang violence in its neighborhoods? To answer the research questions, this study will include literature reviews and data analysis from the academic fields of political science, criminology, sociology, and history. The research concludes by recommending an operational approach that will aid the City of New Orleans and its Police Department in combating violent neighborhood gangs."

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