National Grid Energy Storage Strategy   [open pdf - 566KB]

From the Purpose of this Plan: "The Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC), which represents a wide cross section of electricity industry stakeholders, presents here its vision for a national energy storage strategic plan. This document provides an outline for guidance, alignment, coordination and inspiration for governments, businesses, advocacy groups, academics, and others who share a similar vision for energy storage. This strategy addresses applications of electric storage technologies that optimize the performance of the bulk power system (or 'grid') once electric power has been generated and delivered to the network, by capturing and storing electrical energy and delivering it back to the grid. Consideration of alternate methods of storing energy from fuels and other sources is outside the scope of this discussion. This strategy aims to provide a framework of guidance for the Department of Energy (DOE) that is responsive to the broad set of conditions in technology development, business/market enterprise, and public policy that influence commercial investment in energy storage technologies. The plan's strategic activities are targeted at bringing about a minimal set of prudent, low risk investments, and accelerating the adoption of emerging storage technologies. Increasing the rate at which these technologies are deployed will provide the added benefit of further reducing their costs through endogenous technological change and learning."

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