Remarks on the Security and Sustainability Partnerships for Shutting Down Black Markets and Dismantling Webs of Corruption and Criminality   [open pdf - 309KB]

"We meet at a critical time. Our world is becoming more dangerous than ever, and where threats know no boundaries. In the past few years alone, we have witnessed a host of catastrophic disasters and threats that imperil our humanity and planet alike. Across a wide spectrum of global risks, we have seen the devastating effects that earthquakes, typhoons, flooding, pandemics such as ebola, cyber attacks, terrorism, and transnational crime and corruption can have on communities seeking to integrate more fully into the global economy and build more dynamic markets. While climate change and some of these other global shocks are not a topic of our meeting this week, sustainable security will remain one of the pressing global challenges in the coming years and an area that the OECD [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development] will continue to underscore as part of the High-Level Risk Forum's risk management and resiliency initiatives. Our dialogue today will focus on illicit markets, and how the international community is working across borders to combat criminal entrepreneurs and threat networks that continue to hijack the advances of modernization and profit from trafficking in drugs, humans, counterfeits, endangered wildlife, and other illicit goods. Oil theft has also become an attractive and lucrative area for transnational organized crime and illicit networks. Across black markets around the world, a web of thugs and criminals is corroding and corrupting our institutions and penetrating key sectors by diversifying into high--profit, and low-risk areas such as oil bunkering, counterfeits, and even match fixing in sports."

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