Pakistan's Security Problems and Opportunities in the Indian Ocean Region   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The Indian Navy, which is already the fifth largest in the world and the largest in the Indian Ocean region, is not predicated solely on the rationale of defensive security doctrine. There are clear indications from the force levels, expansion program, and statements of Indian political/military leaders and defense experts, of an offensive maritime security doctrine for the Indian Navy, with regional and global objectives. India apparently aims to dominate the Indian Ocean by raising the cost of superpower intervention, so as to exercise hegemony over the Indian Ocean littoral from Australia to South Africa. Such a politico-military aim is a matter of great concern not only for the smaller states of South, Southwest, and Southeast Asia, but also the world powers having vital political, economic, and strategic interests in the region. The Indian aims and objectives seem to threaten not only the security of the smaller littoral states but also eventually the world order by creating regional imbalance and destabilization of the smaller and already fragile societies of the region. There is need, therefore, for Pakistan to analyze its Indian Ocean security posture vis-a-vis India, with a view toward identifying Islamabad's policy alternatives."

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