Bought and Sold: Helping Young People Escape from Commercial Sexual Exploitation   [open pdf - 1MB]

This document concerns the commercial sexual exploitation of young people in the United States. Sections of the document include: (1) Some Youth Are More at Risk; (2) No One Chooses to Be Exploited; (3) Signs of Sexual Exploitation; (4) What Victims of Sexual Exploitation Need; (5) When to Involve Police; and (6) When to Tell the Youth's Family Members. "Prostitution. Pornography. Survival sex. Commercial sexual exploitation is more than just young people being sexually abused by adults. Perpetrators victimize young people by paying, or promising to pay, money, goods or services to a youth--or a pimp--in exchange for sexual acts or entertainment. The impact of commercial sexual exploitation on young victims is often devastating. Instead of attending school, they face violence, disease and jail. Before they are even old enough to vote, they lose their dignity and their freedom. They suffer emotional trauma that may never go away. Helping young people escape from exploitation should be a top priority of communities and youth workers everywhere."

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