Whole of Government Approach Through Interagency Partner development: National Security Professional Development   [open pdf - 997KB]

This a thesis in partial fulfillment for a Master's Degree of Military Art and Science in General Studies. From the abstract, "The Goldwater Nichols Act (GNA) required the United States Armed forces to establish a joint approach to better utilize the full capability of the US military. GNA has been steadily refined over 28 years and proven to be an integral part of military planning and action. In 2007, President Bush signed Executive Order (EO) 13434 creating National Security Professional Development (NSPD). The EO was created and executed based on lessons learned from the Department of Defense (DOD) in operations around Iraq and Afghanistan where experts were required from non-DOD agencies to support nation-building efforts. Though experts were in non-DOD agencies, most were not prepared to work with the DOD much less work in the military environment. EO 13434 was the first step in formalizing a recognized need to prepare non-DOD civilian agencies to work alongside the DOD. The process of developing National Security Professionals (NSP) across the vast non-DOD agencies has proven challenging and met with little success. As GNA has produced joint military education across the armed services, there are only fractions of education and development processes that are needed to produce a NSP from a non-DOD agency thus leaving a void for NSPD inside non-DOD agencies. GNA serves as a template for the development process of NSPD. "

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