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From the Document: "Yesterday Vice President Biden visited Bogota to meet with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Their visit underscored the close ties between the United States and Colombia, founded upon shared democratic values, deepening economic ties, and a long history of shared security goals. The visit highlighted our cooperation in the following areas: [1] Free Trade: Since the 2012 entry into force of the Colombia-U.S. Trade Promotion Agreement, U.S. exports have increased 13.8 percent and U.S. foreign direct investment in Colombia has increased 30.3 percent. [...] [2] Labor Action Plan: The United States and Colombia work together closely on implementation of the Colombian Action Plan Related to Labor Rights, in which the Government of Colombia agreed to address concerns on labor issues. [...] [3] Energy: The United States-Colombia partnership on energy is expanding, including efforts to link energy markets and develop unconventional energy sources to deliver affordable energy across the Americas. [...] [4] Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Building on a commitment of Presidents Obama and Santos, we will hold the inaugural high-level meeting of the ICT Steering Group in Colombia in the coming months. [...] [5] Expanding Opportunity for Vulnerable Populations, including Afro-Colombians: The United States and Colombia continue to work to advance the U.S.-Colombia Action Plan on Racial and Ethnic Equality (CAPREE) to address challenges faced by indigenous and Afro-descendent communities in Colombia and the United States. [...] [6] Environment: On May 28, the United States announced a new USAID [United States Agency for International Development] deal with the Althelia Climate Fund to lend up to $133.8 million in commercial financing for forest conservation and sustainable land use globally. [...] [7] Bilingual Colombia: The United States and Colombia have long partnered to promote English teaching in Colombia and Spanish teaching in the United States through the Fulbright Program. [...] [8] 100,000 Strong in the Americas: The United States and Colombia are committed to expanding educational and professional exchanges between their citizens and institutions."

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