Irregular Challenges 2010 Game: Game Report   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Executive Summary: "During the period 27-30 July 2010, the United States Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island hosted the Irregular Challenges 2010 Game. The overarching purpose of the Irregular Challenges 2010 Game was to help the Navy better understand the complexity of the problems that it could face in these unstable regions in the maritime environment and to better address how it could respond. This game could help the Navy better define the choices that it needs to make with regard to how it might operate in a future environment. Underlying conditions, such as financial, medical, population growth, and climate change, have the potential to stress the littoral regions and coastal environments around the globe. They give rise to crime, piracy, drug and human trafficking, extremism and exacerbate weak or fragile states' ability to respond to natural disasters. For its part the Navy has yet to address the confluence of these underlying conditions in a comprehensive manner. It could be valuable to examine how and why the Navy should or could use its general purpose forces to help mitigate these conditions that are stressing the maritime environment and have the potential to impact the larger system that operates globally on the oceans. While the Navy has multiple inputs to theater security cooperation plans in the different regions, there should be a better understanding of why these forces and capabilities are being used, where they are being used, and what the desired end state of the use of the forces should be."

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