Training for Decisive Action: Stories of Mission Command: Collected Insights from Commanders and Leaders on Their Experience at the National Training Center   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Foreword: "The National Training Center has executed five rotations in the past 18 months. The following compendium offers a collection of stories from leaders that have grown out of those rotations. It focuses on all levels, and is a complimentary volume to the 66 Stories of Battle Command written following the 4ID and 1st Cav rotations of the late 1990s. These stories are a compelling mix of universal challenges and the new complex threat. They will undoubtedly be a wellspring of learning over the next few years. In coordination with our partnered Brigades that executed these rotations, Operations Group and the NTC [National Training Center] presents these anecdotes as we strive to meet our Chairmen's vision of leading 'the Army's transition to unified land operations' and enabling dialogue and learning that will 'identify innovative training methods to reduce overhead without sacrificing training quality, standards or outcomes.'"

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