Coffee Break Training: Characteristics of the Medical Components of the Incident Command System: Medical Unit Leader   [open pdf - 330KB]

"Medical Unit Leader - The MEDL, under the direction of the Service Branch Director or Logistics Section Chief, is primarily responsible for the development of the Medical Plan (ICS Form 206), obtaining medical aid and transportation for injured and ill incident personnel, establishment of responder rehabilitation and preparation of reports and records: a. Review Common Responsibilities (Page 1-2). b. Review Unit Leader Responsibilities (Page 1-2). c. Participate in Logistics Section/Service Branch planning activities. d. Establish and staff Medical Unit. e. Establish Responder Rehabilitation. f. Prepare the Medical Plan (ICS Form 206). g. Prepare procedures for major medical emergency. h. Declare major medical emergency as appropriate. i. Respond to requests for medical aid, medical transportation, and medical supplies. j. Prepare and submit necessary documentation. k. Maintain Unit/Activity Log (ICS Form 214)."

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Coffee Break Training - Emergency Medical Services Series No. EMS-2014-1
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