Federal Guidelines for Inundation Mapping of Flood Risks Associated with Dam Incidents and Failures, First Edition   [open pdf - 17MB]

"The Federal Guidelines for Inundation Mapping of Flood Risks Associated with Dam Incidents and Failures is presented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP), a partnership of States, Federal agencies, and other stakeholders formed to encourage individual and community responsibility for dam safety. As part of the NDSP, States are responsible for regulating non-Federal dams and do so autonomously from the Federal government and other States. This document provides information for Federal and State agencies, local governments, dam owners, and emergency management officials to use for reducing flood hazards and the resulting potential for economic damage and loss of life. This document is intended as a resource for developing State-specific guidelines for dam safety and as a reference manual for dam safety professionals to map dam breach inundation zones. […] This document was developed to provide end users with information and guidance that can be applied across different geographic regions and to various site-specific conditions. It presents a mix of research, reference material, and recommendations. Specific recommendations are provided for procedures where standardization across the United States is needed and possible. Recommendations in this document include using a tiered study approach for modeling and mapping, standardizing Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) and risk communication mapping products, and organizing dam breach modeling data through a standardized database structure."

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FEMA P-946; Federal Emergency Management Agency Publication-946
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Federal Emergency Management Agency: http://www.fema.gov/
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