Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy: Progress Update - Spring 2014   [open pdf - 875KB]

From the "Background" section: "On August 19, 2013, the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force released its 'Rebuilding Strategy' for the Sandy impacted region. The Rebuilding Strategy included a long-term plan for rebuilding that guides Sandy Supplemental spending to drive regional coordination and make communities more resilient to future disasters. The Rebuilding Strategy also aligns federal, state and local policies to achieve seven goals that are important to the long-term rebuilding of the region in the most economically efficient, ecologically robust and innovative ways possible. [...] The Rebuilding Strategy identified 69 specific recommendations across these broad goals as well as specific member agencies to lead the implementation of each of them. Since the publication of the Rebuilding Strategy, these agencies have continued to work closely together to move the recommendations forward and deliver on their commitments to the region and the President. This report includes an update on the implementation of the Rebuilding Strategy goals and an additional section on the internal efforts to improve data sharing and accountability through the Sandy Program Management Office (PMO). This report is organized by each of the seven Rebuilding Strategy goals and the PMO; recommendations are grouped according to these goals. Each section of this report includes background information from the original Rebuilding Strategy, identifies the relevant leading agencies1, and includes brief updates on highlighted areas of progress made since the publication of the Rebuilding Strategy through the spring of 2014. Each section can also be downloaded individually. A full list of the Rebuilding Strategy recommendations is included as an appendix to this document."

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