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"The Global Detention Project (GDP) is an inter-disciplinary research initiative that investigates the role detention plays in states' responses to global migration, with a special focus on the policies and physical infrastructures of detention. The project is based at the Graduate Institute's Global Migration Centre and has received financial support from the Open Society Foundations, Zennstrom Philanthropies, the Swiss Network for International Studies, and the Geneva International Academic Network. Migration-related detention is the practice of detaining--typically on administrative (as opposed to criminal) grounds--asylum seekers and irregular immigrants until they can be deported, their identities established, or their claims adjudicated. Because many national legal systems do not have clear rules for administrative detention, migration detainees often face legal uncertainties, including lack of access to the outside world, limited possibilities of challenging detention through the courts, and/or absence of limitations on the duration of detention. To assess the growth and evolution of detention institutions, project researchers are creating a comprehensive database of detention sites that categorises detention facilities along several dimensions, including security level, bureaucratic chain of command, facility type (is a given site an exposed camp, a dedicated migrant detention facility, or a common prison), spatial segregation (are there separate cells for criminals and administrative detainees, for women and men), and size. This data is gradually being ported to the GDP website in the form of maps, lists, and country profiles. Eventually, the project intends to make the entire database fully interactive with the website."

Global Detention Project
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