Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request for Atomic Energy Defense Activities and Nuclear Forces Programs, Hearing Before the Committee on Armed Forces, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Thirteenth Congress, April 8, 2014   [open pdf - 7MB]

This is the April 8, 2014 hearing 'Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request for Atomic Energy Defense Activities and Nuclear Forces Programs,' held before the House Committee on Armed Services. From the opening statement of subcommittee chairman Mike Rogers: "First, today, 2 years late, we have finally received the administration's proposed nuclear force structure under the New START [Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty]. I am glad to see that the President made the right decision, the decision that was obvious to us 2 years ago. We will take a hard look at this in the coming weeks, and we will discuss it today, I am sure. Second, the governance and management of the DOE [U.S. Department of Energy] and NNSA [National Nuclear Security Administration]. We had a hearing 2 weeks ago to receive the interim report of the congressional advisory panel on this topic. It was sobering, and it confirmed what this subcommittee has been saying for many years. We had 13 members show up at that hearing. I hope that shows just how serious we are taking this. We are as serious as a heart attack, and we want to make sure that we see some bold actions at the NNSA. Third, promised capabilities and programs keep slipping despite significant budget increases. Fulfillment of the requirement for this responsive nuclear infrastructure keeps being pushed into the distant future, and we have wasted billions of dollars with false starts. The follow-on to the air-launched cruise missile is pushed and may put both the nuclear security enterprise and the Strategic Command in a real bind. The interoperable warhead, a key pillar of the administration's future stockpile strategy, has been pushed out of sight on the calendar. Fourth, integrity and leadership problems in our nuclear forces. General Harencak and Admiral Richardson, we appreciate the updates you and your services have been providing us." Statements, letters, and other materials submitted for the record include those of the following: Terry J. Benedict, Elaine M. Bunn, Garrett Harencak, Edward Bruce Held, David G. Huizenga, John M. Richardson, Andrew C. Weber, and Peter S. Winokur.

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