Improving Nigerian Border Security - A Comprehensive Approach   [open pdf - 483KB]

"Nigeria's porous border situation presents a security problem that demands a coordinated national and multilateral approach to address the issues. Smuggling, narcotics trafficking, illegal immigration, movement of arms and ammunition, human trafficking, and insurgent movements offer some of the major challenges to internal and regional security. A variety of circumstances and factors contribute to Nigeria's systemically ineffective efforts to perform acceptable border operations. The federal government has an abundance of border policy and laws. However, it does not effectively coordinate the efforts of the many agencies that possess overlapping lines of jurisdiction and authorities. The result is an inconsistent and inequitable effort to enforce laws and allows widespread violations to thrive. Deficiencies and shortages in personnel, equipment, facilities, and training, combined with Nigeria's prevalent penchant for graft and corruption complicates the problem even further. This paper explores some of the larger negative influences on border security operations. It seeks to offer a framework and model the Nigerian government and its neighbors might use to begin to address the problem."

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