Plutonium: The First 50 Years, United States Plutonium Production, Acquisition, and Utilization from 1944 Through 1994   [open pdf - 12MB]

This report from 1996 contains previously classified information pertaining to nuclear weapons. From the Executive Summary: "The report contains important newly declassified information regarding the U.S. production, acquisition, and removals of plutonium. This new information, when combined with previously declassified data, has allowed the DOE [Department of Energy] to issue, for the first time, a truly comprehensive report on the total DOE plutonium inventory. At the December 7, 1993, Openness Press Conference, the DOE declassified the plutonium inventories at eight locations totaling 33.5 metric tons (MT). This report declassifies the remainder of the DOE plutonium inventory. Newly declassified in this report is the quantity of plutonium at the Pantex Site, near Amarillo, Texas, and in the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile of 66.1 MT, which, when added to the previously released inventory of 33.5 MT, yields a total plutonium inventory of 99.5 MT. This report will document the sources which built up the plutonium inventory as well as the transactions which have removed plutonium from that inventory. From 1944 to September 1994, the U.S. Government produced and acquired a total of 111.4 metric tons of plutonium. During the same period of time, 12.0 MT of plutonium were removed resulting in an actual inventory of 99.5 MT as of September 30, 1994."

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Department of Energy, DOE/DP--0137
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