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"Welcome to 'Inside the Eye,' the official blog of the National Hurricane Center! Why have we launched a blog? The staff at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) regularly conducts training and educational workshops during the off season for specific audience groups, including emergency managers and other meteorologists. However, despite our heavy emphasis on outreach, there is always a large segment of the population that does not have the opportunity to hear from us in person on important changes to NHC products or discuss topics related to tropical and marine weather events. Therefore, we've launched this blog to be able to keep you, our partners and customers, more informed on a consistent and timely basis. The National Hurricane Center has long had a vision of being America's 'calm, clear and trusted voice in the eye of the storm.' Much like the NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration] Hurricane Hunter aircraft in the picture to the right, we also want you to have a view from inside the eye. We want you to see what's happening at the Hurricane Center before, during, and after a storm. We also want to help you understand how to interpret our forecasts so that even when there is a hurricane, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect and plan for."

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