Could the United States Afford to Lose a Major Port?   [open pdf - 571KB]

"This study will attempt to describe the likely impact of a large container vessel sinking in the channel of New York City and define what the implications of such an event would be for New York City and the surrounding area, the response of the United States Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security as well as the effects on the economy. This study will briefly address the threat of terrorist attacks on the merchant fleet and the security measures put in place to prevent the merchant fleet from becoming an easy target for terrorists. The following factors will be taken into account: who will respond to the sinking and sinking impacts, assessing the meaning of a terrorist attack or a mechanical and engineering failure. The impact would be serious to the surrounding area and the effects would not just affect the economy is the sense of money but in goods as well. Merchants and business would not be the only ones effected the everyday citizen would be as well. Most of the oil and fuel that supports the tri-state area is received via the port with that said a major loss of fuel and oil would bring the local economy to a halt."

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