DSCA Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Defense Support of Civil Authorities and Integrating with National Guard Civil Support   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This publication identifies multi-Service tactics, techniques, and procedures (MTTP) for Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) and Integrating with National Guard Civil Support. It sets forth MTTP at the tactical level to assist the military planner, commander, and individual Service forces in the employment of military resources in response to domestic emergencies in accordance with United States (US) law. This MTTP focuses on planning, preparation, execution, and assessment of DSCA operations conducted within the US and its territories. […] This publication provides procedures for actions taken by the military Services when directed to support local, territorial, state, federal or tribal agencies in response to domestic emergencies. Support can be in the form of expertise, equipment, manpower, plans, organization, communication, training and/or other resources. […] This publication establishes MTTP applicable to all Service organizations tasked with supporting domestic incident response, to include: natural and/or man-made disaster response operations, domestic special events of national importance, and/or support to law enforcement. These MTTP enable Department of Defense (DOD) organizations assisting civil authorities to efficiently integrate DOD capabilities into response operations."

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ATP 3-28.1(FM 3-28.1), Army Training Publication 3-28.1; MCWP 3-36.2, Marine Corps Working Paper 3-36.2; NTTP 3-57.2, Navy Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures 3-57.2; AFTTP 3-2.67, Air Force Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures 3-2.67
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