FY 2013 Federal Agency Climate Change Adaptation Plans: Summary of Research and Information Needs   [open pdf - 7MB]

"This document outlines the common research and information themes and needs identified through a thorough analysis of the 27 Federal agency plans publicly available to the ASIWG [Adaptation Science Interagency Workgroup] in February 2013 when the development of this summary began, and the existing efforts that may align with those themes and needs. This distilled information can help Federal Agencies and public and private-sector partners to: [1] Understand the current most common research and information needs for adaptation as identified by agencies; [2] Connect to existing tools and resources that may help meet their needs; [3] Enhance and guide conversations between existing USGCRP [U.S. Global Change Research Program] Interagency Working Groups (IWGs) about how best to meet those needs; and [5] Inform future Federal research agendas related to climate change adaptation, preparedness, and resilience-building actions. This summary report can inform work toward advancing the preparedness-related goals and actions laid out in the President's Climate Action Plan by providing example applications of several tools and resources already available for addressing common Federal agency adaptation needs. This document can also inform the development of research strategies to enable science-producing Federal agencies to continue producing climate science and climate change information that can be translated into forms useful for on-the-ground action to prepare, adapt, and build resilience."

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