Biodetection Technologies for First Responders: 2014 Edition   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This guide summarizes commercially available technologies that can be used by first responders in the field for the collection, screening and identification of biological materials. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor an endorsement of any technology described herein. Rather, this guide is meant to provide useful information about available technologies to help end-users make informed decisions about biodetection technology procurement and use. The summaries in this guide are based primarily on vendor-provided information; however, where possible the summaries have been supplemented with additional information obtained from publications, reports, and websites. Manufacturers were contacted and given the opportunity to verify the accuracy of technical specifications, available peer-reviewed references, and pricing. However, all information is subject to change. Comparing biodetection technologies is challenging in the absence of independent, standardized, third-party testing. Many factors can impact measured performance metrics, such as sensitivity (limit of detection), selectivity (cross-reactivity), and reliability (the occurrence of false-positive or false-negative results). Environmental conditions, sample type, biothreat agent, and degree of sample preparation all impact a technology's performance and make it difficult to directly compare data generated for different technologies tested under different (and often not well-defined) conditions. Vendor-provided performance metrics are listed, and where possible, shown in relation to the quantity or concentration of organism detected. When available, peer-reviewed publications that evaluate the performance of a technology have been used; however, such publications are rare and often outdated due to ongoing technology improvements by vendors."

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