USAID Assistance to Afghanistan Reconstruction: $13.3 Billion Obligated Between 2002 and 2013   [open pdf - 478KB]

"According to SIGAR analysis of USAID data, USAID obligated $13.3 billion for reconstruction in Afghanistan between the beginning of fiscal year 2002 and June 2013. USAID awarded these funds to implementing partners including multilateral organizations, non-governmental organizations, for-profit corporations, Afghan government entities, and U.S. government entities. USAID legal instruments for reconstruction assistance in Afghanistan include contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and government to government (G2G) agreements. Contracts were the most commonly-used legal instrument, accounting for over 50 percent of total awards. The project sector with the largest portion of total awards was the Construction and Infrastructure project sector, which accounted for 31 percent of the total $13.3 billion in awards. Of the 203 organizations that received USAID reconstruction awards, the top-ten recipients by total award amount received 58 percent of the total $13.3 billion. The World Bank was the top recipient of total funds from USAID with $1.7 billion in total awards. [...] USAID awarded Afghan government entities approximately $688 million in G2G agreements. The top Afghan government recipient of USAID reconstruction funds was the government-owned electric utility Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS). DABS received the USAID award in order to fund the Power Transmission Expansion and Connectivity Project, a project to improve Afghanistan's electricity transmission system, and the installation of a second turbine at the Kajaki Dam in Helmand Province. Of the total reported awards between the beginning of fiscal year 2002 and June 2013, 73 percent, or $9.8 billion, are reported by USAID as either completed or inactive."

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SIGAR 14-27-SP (Special Project)
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