Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research (FSTAR) [website]   [open html - 54KB]

"The fire service has an obligation to be as safe as possible by adopting, using, and understanding the results of the evolving scientific research. The latest fire science research is demonstrating the critical need to reeducate the fire service about fire dynamics. This process of taking 'science to the streets' will provide firefighters and fire service leaders with critical information about new, appropriate, and safe operations on fire attack tactics that are built on scientific findings. Numerous fire departments are re-evaluating their operational actions on the fire scene to incorporate these latest scientific findings into their procedures. FSTAR's [Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research] free toolkit, which includes training and scientific findings from The Underwriters Laboratories Firefighters Safety Research Institute (UL) and The National Institute of Standards and Technology Fire Research Division (NIST), is designed to help you understand the science and how best to use the information to effect change. All firefighters and officers are encouraged to take the time to view these materials."

International Association of Fire Chiefs
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