Task Force Resilient Final Report   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The three tenets of the Chief of Naval Operations' Sailing Directions are: Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready. Building resilience and preventing suicide are essential to producing a force that is always ready to operate forward and execute its warfighting mission. The Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) established Task Force Resilient on 22 January 2013 to review Navy resiliency efforts as well as suicide related events in order to increase resilience and reduce suicides. In executing its analysis the Task Force received fleet input and expert opinions. The Task Force examined: suicide rates, trends, and high risk groups; suicidal risk factors and causal agents; the latest scientific literature on resilience and suicide prevention; Navy resiliency efforts; and Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian resiliency and suicide prevention efforts. The Task Force found that the most typical profile for a Navy suicide involves an enlisted white male between the ages of 17-24. However, recent data confirms that anyone of any age or rank can become susceptible to suicide. Relationship difficulties with spouse or significant other, legal and/or disciplinary problems, health problems, and a history of psychiatric problems lead the list of factors and stressors related to suicide. Firearms are the primary method used in Navy suicides and that rate is rising. Alcohol is a factor in just over a third of suicides. Sleep deprivation is a common factor and a concern, as nearly half our Sailors in the fleet today get less than five hours of sleep per night."

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