ASPR Strategic Plan: February 2014   [open pdf - 498KB]

From the "Organization of this plan" section: "This revised strategic plan sets the direction for ASPR [Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response] over the next two years. The mission and vision lay out ASPR's purpose and how it envisions success. The values are the guiding principles for the organizational culture and should be part of the fabric of day-to-day life in the office. Six strategic goals define the highest-level aims of ASPR, and each one is supported by a set of strategies for accomplishing that goal. [...] Though they are presented separately for the sake of a coherent organizing framework, the goals and strategies are very much interrelated and dependent on each other, exemplified here: ensuring that communities and its stakeholders have the resiliency to withstand and recover from public health emergencies (goal 1) as we collaborate and integrate systems, is done by strengthening leadership capabilities (goal 2), thus strengthening our healthcare system (goal 5); first responders (goal 2) are a critically important part of an integrated, prepared health care system (goal 5); To be effective in its advisory role to the Secretary (goal 4), ASPR must incorporate policy development with lessons learned and operational decision making (goals 2, 3, and 5); The work that ASPR staff members do to improve administration of the organization (goal 6) is a cornerstone for the success of every other goal."

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