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"The Open Cities Project aims to catalyze the creation, management and use of open data to produce innovative solutions for urban planning and resilience challenges across South Asia. [...] [T]he Open Cities Project is composed of two complementary components. The first part of the initiative is to gather asset and exposure data in urban areas. This is an important step toward creating a robust asset inventory, which will form the base layer of urban planning and risk information systems. The second part of the project involves facilitating ongoing civic hacking engagements that leverage the asset data collected in South Asia to create tools and applications that improve urban planning and disaster resilience across the region. The Open Cities Project enables the collection of data through open and participatory methods and is conducted in partnership with local government agencies, universities, technical communities, and the private sector. This approach, as demonstrated in other World Bank projects in Haiti, Indonesia, and Tanzania, allows a broad range of members in society to participate in the effort to understand and improve urban resilience."

Open Cities Project
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