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"In times of shrinking state and local budgets, leaders must make difficult decisions about how to be responsible fiscal stewards while delivering critical criminal justice, juvenile justice, and victim services. It is good policy and practice for government executives and community leaders to use evidence to make decisions about criminal justice programming. When resources are limited, it becomes even more critical to invest in what works. The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) Diagnostic Center is a new technical assistance resource. The purpose of the Diagnostic Center is to facilitate the translation of data and research into public safety and criminal justice policy and practice at the state, local and tribal levels. Diagnostic Center engagements with communities address a particular public safety concern of the community, but interaction with the Diagnostic Center is intended to build community capacity to use data to make evidence-based decisions (current and future) about criminal justice and public safety. Specifically, the Diagnostic Center engagement is constructed to enhance the ability of a public safety executive (or state or local government policy maker) to collect and use local data to understand the criminal justice issues his or her agency faces, use data to make decisions about programs and practices and support efforts to integrate data and evidence into policies to promote public safety."

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