National Nuclear Security Administration Nuclear Weapons Systems Configuration Management   [open pdf - 695KB]

"The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is responsible for maintaining a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent through the application of science, technology, engineering and manufacturing processes. To meet its mission, NNSA continuously assesses and evaluates each nuclear weapon system to certify its reliability and to detect and/or anticipate any potential problems that may occur as a result of aging. NNSA depends on information concerning how nuclear weapons were built to certify reliability. Given its importance, such information is controlled through a formal configuration management (CM) process. Under the CM process, the exact 'as-built' product definition of a nuclear weapon is to be established and maintained throughout its life cycle. An as-built product definition is similar to an index, in that it contains an exact list, by version, of the drawings, specifications, engineering authorizations, manufacturing records, and any other essential documents used in the development and qualification of a nuclear weapon system or component. The Office of Inspector General received multiple allegations regarding NNSA's management of CM information. The allegations related to incomplete product definitions for NNSA nuclear weapons, and ineffective management of classified nuclear weapons drawings, a situation that could lead to unauthorized changes to the drawings. In response, we initiated this audit to determine whether NNSA had maintained accurate and complete CM information for nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons components to support safe, sound and timely decisions related to these devices. […] Our review substantiated the allegations and identified instances in which NNSA had not maintained accurate and complete CM information for its nuclear weapons and components. We also identified additional concerns with the use of nuclear weapons parts and components that did not conform to specifications."

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Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General, Report No. DOE/IG-0902
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