Community Engagement and Social Media Best Practices: Virtual Social Media Working Group and DHS First Responders Group, September 2012   [open pdf - 886KB]

From the "Purpose" section: "This document discusses best practices for the use of social media by public safety agencies of all disciplines and partner organizations for meaningful and successful engagement of community members and stakeholders. It is a continuation of the VSMWG [Virtual Social Media Working Group] Social Media Strategy, which provides a high‐level introduction to social media and its benefits for public safety. The examples and best practices provided by agencies already using social media can serve as a starting point for those developing an agency's social media strategy. The purpose of this document is to: [1] Define and discuss various goals for community engagement to enhance the efforts and secure the success of public safety agencies and partner organizations' labors; [2] Discuss various reasons for community engagement and how they can inform and improve tool choice, activities, messaging, materials, and more; [3] Outline challenges and considerations associated with community engagement; and [4] Provide best practices and use cases to help agencies promote engagement and collaboration among community members and groups to improve public safety, preparedness, and resilience."

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