Center for Homeland Defense and Security: Applied Research Exemplars: Volumes One through Five   [open pdf - 50MB]

"The Center for Homeland Defense and Security's [CHDS] unique academic environment brings together mid- and senior-level government officials with world-renowned faculty and experts in the diverse disciplines that comprise homeland security. The CHDS classroom is a place where participants think critically about homeland security issues and work collaboratively to develop strategic solutions. Master's degree participants research and write course papers along with a final thesis. These original works concentrate on proposing creative policies, strategies and approaches to the public safety challenges facing their agencies and the broader homeland security community. Much of the research and ideas generated from the coursework and classroom collaboration have been implemented across agencies, regions and the nation. The purpose of this report is to highlight examples of the CHDS education model that nurtures critical thinking and intellectual exploration and transforms it into homeland security practices that solve problems at the local, state, and federal levels. The research is pushed out to more than 300 agencies and universities to broaden the CHDS impact and facilitate replication of smart practices and policies. Since 2003, the Center has continuously delivered forward thinking curriculum and academic resources and served as a forum for government officials from all levels of government and across all public safety disciplines to collaborate on preventing, protecting against, mitigating, responding to and recovering from natural and man-made threats to our country and local communities. This report contains several volumes of exemplars. The most recent volume is presented first with previous volumes following by date."

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