2015 National Guard Bureau Posture Statement   [open pdf - 23MB]

"The National Guard performs three critical defense duties for America: fighting America's wars, protecting the homeland, and building global and domestic partnerships. As stewards of taxpayer resources, we also are taking deliberate steps to eradicate inefficiencies while reinforcing the core ethics of the citizen Soldier and Airman. We continue to keep the faith with our Soldiers, Airmen and their families by ensuring they receive the very best care. Today's National Guard is flexible and scalable to America's changing needs on any given day. After more than a decade of fighting side-by-side, we are seamless with the active Army and Air Force and affordable during peacetime without compromising on quality or experience. When in combat, we are more ready and more accessible than at any other time in our history. Inside our borders, citizen Soldiers and Airmen represent America's 377-year community-based militia tradition; ready at a moment's notice to serve both national and local interests. At home we are shaping whole-of-Nation synergy in service to communities throughout America. Recognizing the increase in defense roles in the homeland is critically important at a time when threats are shifting toward economic warfare, cyber warfare, long-range missile capability and terrorism. To help combat these threats, the National Guard is building partnerships that increase America's security around the world. Now, more than ever, the National Guard remains 'Always Ready, Always There' for America. It's why investing the same defense dollar in the dual-capable National Guard is a win-win for American security and its taxpayers."

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