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From the website's "About" section: "The Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC) is a collaborative effort of public safety agencies in Travis, Williamson, and Hays Counties. The center, which is managed by the Austin Police Department, has been in operation since December 15, 2010 with a four part focus: [1] Serial crime - serial criminal incidents (serial robbers or sex offenders) [2] Organized Criminal activity - narcotics smuggling or human trafficking [3] Terrorist activity - criminal activity based on behaviors [4] Information sharing - effective communication with other public safety partners. ARIC is a recognized Fusion Center by the Department of Homeland Security. The mission of ARIC is to maximize the region's ability to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal/terrorist activity. ARIC focuses on regional public safety data analysis and timely dissemination of actionable intelligence across multiple law enforcement jurisdictions and private sector businesses responsible for the area's critical infrastructure and key resources. The recent (July 2011) inclusion of the Austin Fire Department highlights the center's dedication and commitment to establishing an ongoing collaborative information sharing environment for all public safety first responders in the Austin Urban Area (AUA)."

Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC)
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