Wildland Firefighter Safety Awareness Study: Phase I - Identifying the Organizational Culture, Leadership, Human Factors, and Other Issues Impacting Firefighter Safety   [open pdf - 715KB]

"There are many characterizations of wildland firefighters and their work culture. These characterizations vary across all levels of organizations, jurisdictions and types of jobs. As closely held as these perceptions are, as confident as each of us is with our own perceptions--it begs the question of what a systematic look at firefighters and their culture, from within and without, would reveal. This report summarizes the results of Phase I of a four-phase study to examine the Federal wildland firefighting community and to improve firefighter safety. The first phase identified and assessed the organizational culture, leadership, accountability and human factors that affect firefighter safety in the five federal agencies most directly involved in wildland firefighting: the Department of Agriculture Forest Service, and the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Fish and Wildlife Service."

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