China's Interests in Afghanistan: Current Projects and Future Prospects   [open pdf - 760KB]

From the thesis abstract: "With the United States and NATO mission coming to a close at the end of 2014, Afghanistan's future is in doubt. China shares a border with Afghanistan, shares terrorism and security concerns with Afghanistan, and shares an interest in developing the resources of the country. In the scope of China's foreign policy, its dealings with Afghanistan are not unique. Chinese state-owned enterprises hope to extract resources to fuel the Chinese economy. Beijing hopes to use its economic influence to stabilize the country as it waits for the security situation to improve. Afghanistan would benefit from Chinese investment and infrastructure development, but the role China will play in Afghanistan's future is unclear. By looking at Chinese activity in Afghanistan, this thesis will show how Beijing's actions have shaped development in Afghanistan and how it could shape its development in the future. The United States and China are both interested in stability in Afghanistan, but have pursued different policies to achieve stability. In the end, Chinese investment in Afghanistan could result in the emergence of the region either as a world economic player or as a continuously watched trouble spot."

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